Decompartmentalise and unite

Breaking the pattern of loneliness and solitude, offering a space for communication, creating a unifying movement. 

Thinking together

Rethinking our existing organizational models in order to prioritize better practices and invent new ways of working.


Represent and champion

Highlight and showcase our various careers to key actors of the live performance sector, act as a key representative organisation to enter into professional discussions



Professional meetups and information meetings

Throughout the year, LAPAS hosts meetings to showcase its actions and bring together new members during presentation meetings, as well as thematic or news-related meetups to discuss important topics related to our practices. These meetings take place all over the country, especially during big annual performing arts events. 

Study groups and workshops

During meetings and discussions with our members, the issues encountered in our professions emerge and are worked on throughout the year through study groups and workshops. These workshops lead to concrete actions (open letters, best practice guidelines, professional meetings...).


As part of the ongoing study groups and discussions, LAPAS plays a major role in co-organizing and taking part in professional meetups.

Regional groups

LAPAS is a national association, which brings together members from all over the country and takes part in discussions with key actors from the culture sector working on both national and regional levels. We also actively encourage the creation of regionalmember groups. 


Represent and champion our careers day-to-day

Thanks to our network and ongoing discussions, active members become LAPAS representatives in dealings with key actors from the sector to highlight our expertise and help champion our professions: Meet/talk with partners, reply to invitations to professional days/meetups, share decisions taken openly, take part in commissions/committees/work groups...

Source of information

Different communication tools are created to share news from our association, from the sector and other legal information.


Putting professionals in touch

Putting “artist support” professionals in touch in order for them to share their expertise and issues, through regular meetings, work groups, regional groups and our collaborative platform.